Hundreds of millions of iPads haven’t been invited to the smart home partyyet.
Poort Charging a Cell

Poort Charging a Cell

But they’re coming anyway with some interesting options for Smart Homes.

  • Integration with the HomePod for a best-of-breed HomeKit and video Hub 
  • Another locus for a controller hub in the home – beyond geo-fencing, Apple TV and HomePod – for remote communications when not at home
  • Hugeinstalled base” of iPads employed as a portable appliance, web browser, message center, controller with 1M+ iPad applications
  • Paired via Bluetooth with Echo or Google Home, these voice assistants can function as supporting speakers and alternate search engines
  • Conceals outlets over counter tops as “home plate” for home automation, keeps counters clear – leveraging Poort design advantages 
  • Uses USB 5V/10W and is ideal as an industrial, remote, marine or solar power instrument. Poorts charge themselves and cellphones with the dual-port USB charger included

Poort enclosures enable a non-proprietary, smart kitchen hub – an independent web browser free of closed ecosystem allegiances.

Put an old friend behind the platethe smartest home starts with an iPad Poort.