(See also some text instructions below these images.)

Here a mounting in tile grout is secured by drilling/inserting two narrow screws (supplied, with drill bit).

If this location will be your main Base Station, typically in your kitchen, at your convenience consider swapping out a standard wall plug for one with USB connectors. This reserves the low-profile chargers in your kit for remote stations, retains the use of your two 110v plugs, and allows you to charge your earbuds on top of your Poort at the same time.

Ready to hang
Kitchen Poort

Place the Tablet Face Down

The Poort is pre-assembled except for inserting your tablet. Orient it so that the little sliding door gives finger access to the power and volume buttons. Add and gently tighten down the four padded clamps, while checking to see that the home button and camera hole are centered.

Insert Two Hanging Screws

If over a counter, choose an electrical outlet to surround that has at least one normally free plug. Consider swapping out the plug-in to add USB connectors. Drill two shallow pilot holes a few inches apart and well above the outlet plate, making sure the enclosure clears the charger. Intersecting grout lines are ideal screw locations.

Poortable, like your Earbuds

The Poort is fully portable to other locations, for your bedside running the power cable down the wall, or over a light switch with an added plug receptacle, as examples. Take it out to your patio or cottage and link it to your  ear buds or smart speakers, for hours of use unplugged.