10″ iPad or Surface Go Support

The Surface Go WinPoort

Poorts fit the Microsoft Go tablet perfectly, allowing you full Windows 10 support with its millions of applications. Run Microsoft 365 as your personal messaging or Zoom machine, at no extra cost, on Wifi with your WinPOORT always charged, on your buds, mouse-driven. An ideal HVAC or engineering control station for localized monitoring, the 2-screw mounting is interchangeable with an iPoort if you use them for different tasks. 

iPad iPoort

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The Kitchen Hub with Boss Audio

Earbuds Now

Wireless earbuds are the obvious partner for your Poort, bypassing the audio limitations of any tablet for the deep, sonorous clarity of noise-cancelling buds. Our super-comfortable sport version comes with their own charging case, which is itself portable when offsite, for many hours’ use. Discover the game-changing joy of cooking and communicating on the Web, for enjoying your music and streamed content in the privacy of your own head. 🙂

iPoort as Portable

Your iPad (9.7 10.2 or 10.5″) 5G Hub is portable to anywhere you wander – in your home, office, workshop or cottage.

Just lift it off its 2 mounting screws and take it to another station. (Your Poort Kit includes two chargers, two cables and four stainless mounting screws, to set up two stations). Its padded corners and biased screen allow you to solidly position it facing you, in landscape or portrait mode (messaging monitor?).

So what’s your old iPad doing sitting a drawer somewhere??

A Poort is Always Charged

,The Microsoft 10″ Go power supply has a long power cord that reaches to nearby plugins, or you can tuck it under the WinPoort, in this trademark Poort fashion. Either way you’ll have a high-design device conserving counter space around your Hub.

iPoort Messaging or Portrait Mode

A Poort enclosure can hang from any side from just two narrow screws. In this example an iPad could serve as a Texting monitor, for a vertically descending message flow. Just lift and turn it to conventional landscape mode in seconds.


Because Poorts hang from just two narrow screws, you can hang them anywhere without destructive wall cutting. The newer tablets hold their charge overnight, so for temporary use, you might not plug it in at all.

Your iPad/Go becomes your 5G Hub 


Putting your legacy iPad back in service as a Hub? You will have Apple’s security as a given for your smart network.


Expertly designed and implemented high-performance wireless network built for high-density environments. Non-metallic enclosure.


Key-based wireless user isolation with encryption from the user device to the network. As tight as it gets.

You’ve steered to POORT

Poort’s newest 5G Hub Kit coming out and includes top quality, noise-cancelling ear buds. If you wish to resell Poorts, we’ll offer a 20% discount for 5 packs for a dealership, factory direct from Poort Technologies.

Get in on the 5G revolution everyone owns – 300 million legacy iPads await, each with the smarts and speed to handle big 5G bandwidth, with blink latency. Apple has announced 5G support, and the iPad is the Smart Home QB coming into the game!

Dealer Inquiry – Poort (white) 5 packs.

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