An iPad/Poort for Navigation

For Poort design work, I designate my 34′ trawler as a “research vessel’ to investigate iPads as an emerging MFD ‘standard’.  The idea is to have the Poort secured near the diesel’s instrument panel, and also be portable up to the bridge.

Securing the Instrument

The goal is to find a location near the helm that will allow the Poort to serve as a navigation aid (Navionics, iSailor, weather, radar display etc.) that physically secures the instrument when underway. Here the iPad is housed in the Poort but sitting free and vulnerable.

The Cavity Over the Panel?

This image shows the huge cavity available inside a Poort, that is so useful for hiding ugly outlets and cables over kitchen counters. What can it do for us here?

It's a Fit!

By good fortune, when placed over my Volvo dash panel, the Poort sits flat around and above it. It is seated securely in all seas, and the boat operator can lift it and peek at the gauges in seconds. 

A Poort on the Bridge?

Will the Poort find a secure seat up on the bridge dash? No, there’s no lucky fit into the cavity this time. Unless – maybe it will fit over the sounder?? 

YES! The Poort hangs from the Sounder, securely and clear of the dash, as if it was designed for this. Maybe it was !  🙂

Here the Poort hangs on one screw and plugs into the laptop’s USB ports, for strong audio using the boat’s Bluetooth speakers.

Just too versatile to leave home – it’s an onboard keeper!