Here a mounting in tile grout is secured by drilling/inserting two narrow screws (supplied).

Identify a suitable outlet

Choose an outlet that is visible from your work, and has at least one free plug.  You can also charge a cellphone (ear buds?) on top of the Poort. Clean elegance, no ugly cables, no counter space wasted!

Frame the Outlet

Poorts are available in white or charcoal, with contrasting back plates. The provided charger should be placed in the upper outlet, to allow continued use of the lower one for conventional appliances.

Assemble the Poort

Center the home button and camera eye exactly before gently securing the tablet clamps.   The rubber footpads in the back plate corners give traction for flat surface use, and prevent rattles.

Adjust and Enjoy!

The housing is shaped like a cowbell, and resonates like a guitar, to amplify and mellow audio. You will find that the Poort optimizes sound, and is highly portable, adaptable and versatile.