Here a mounting in tile grout is secured by drilling/inserting two narrow screws (supplied). See some text instructions below these images.

Assemble the Enclosure

Choose an outlet to surround that has at least one normally free plug. Assemble the enclosure, first inserting the sliding door, and orient the iPad so that your fingers can access its controls in the corner next to the sliding door

Mount the iPad Face Down

Then with the backplate on, secure the tablet clamps – note that the iPad Pro and Air 2 are ultra thin and may require some tape or spacers under the 4 pads.  Insert the rubber foot pads into the back plate corners when finished.

Insert two hanging screws

Intersecting grout lines are ideal screw  locations. Plug a USB cube charger (legacy Apple ones work well) into the upper outlet, to support device charging, and to allow use of the lower plug for conventional appliances.

Adjust, Tune and Enjoy!!

The housing is shaped like a cowbell, and resonates like a instrument to amplify and mellow audio. A Poort iPad is highly portable – adaptable and versatile for many applications – and an ideal smart speaker partner!