(Vancouver, March 22)  With all the anticipation around the possible announcement of an Apple device to take on the Echo and Google Home assistants, Poort CEO Dwight Jones wonders if Poorts with iPads might form a more honest partnership.

“Both those speaker devices are designed to monetize their respective ecosystems, more than automate the home.” he states. “As an example – the Google Home could be a decent little speaker for your iTunes, but it’s a trojan horse that has no bluetooth – you’re a consumer in their walled garden.”

“Contrast that with a older iPad Air mounted with a $80 Poort kit over your kitchen counter. Just say “Hey Siri, open YouTube, chicken recipes”  and there they are, with video instructions for each dish. What can Google Home offer you – a voice synopsis?”

As a designer Jones sees a tablet as always more capable than a proprietary speaker, so why add clutter to a workplace? “Poorts conserve counter space, hide the cables, are always charged and pack an unbeatable app punch with that iPad aboard. There’s no reason for middleware.

Poorts deliver the entire web spectrum, whereas speaker ‘assistants’ are mostly sensors. “As it stands they’re ecosystem barkers – why not repurpose an iPad, connect it to your house speakers and retain full control with video?”

But Jones isn’t closing the door on Android in favor of Apple – the Poort 9.7 kit also fits the flagship Samsung S3 9.7″ tablets. “These bring voice messaging. Being able to call or message a place instead of a personal cellphone – hello?   Once you view an iPad Pro or Samsung S3 Poort in action as a family or workplace appliance – no assistants need apply.”

The new 9.7″ Poorts were recently launched at the BC Tech Summit in Vancouver, Canada.

Poort Technologies Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of tablet enclosures. Press contact: charles.mcglade@poort.ca (604) 836-7300