A 5G Terminal using any legacy 9.7" iPad completes smart networks with fast Web streaming

Poort Kits ($39) upgrade home networks with an independent Web, 5G fast video streaming and messaging.  These portable iPad terminals integrate smart speakers, a file system, and support dual voice assistants. 

Your Personal Web and Search Browser

A bedside Poort brings a superset of smart home features, including voice Siri search, clock and calendar functions and every Web application. Use Google Home via Bluetooth – no railroading ecosystems. iPads are best-of-breed as smart home hubs, and can audio partner with any of them!

Portable, Familiar and Fun

A bathside Poort, whether over an outlet as pictured or hanging from a single screw, brings with you the familiar iPad world you know.

A Home Controller and Hub

Convert unused outlets in gang wall switches into permanent control hubs without destructive wallboard intrusions – just insert a USB connector . A Poort will surround 3 gang switches completely.

A Stay-at-Home HomeKit Hub

This smartest-of-all devices is always home (for offsite communications) , and here it has saved the second outlet for other appliances. A Poort can charge cellphones or ear buds on top of it, as your option.

A fully portable iPad instrument box

A sliding louvered door affords direct finger access to the Poort tablet’s volume and power buttons, with generous heat venting on all sides. Hangs from one screw anywhere.

The Power Partner for Independent 5G Networks

Poort merges a 5G video/Web terminal into any smart home ecosystem. It adds a file system and access point with a clean and elegant design that conceals the outlet and its cables – no ugly black power cord. Enables fast 5G Web streaming.

Uses Any Smart Bluetooth or Homepod Speaker as its Own!

Poorts resonate like an instrument, to mellow and boost the tablet’s audio – play your music and personal files. Want it louder? A Poort complements and partners with all smart speakers or voice assistants that support Bluetooth.

No Destructive Installations!

Obviously you can’t just cut holes in a kitchen backsplash without major work by professionals, if at all. Instead, discreetly hang a Poort from any of its four sides with one or two narrow screws (supplied) wherever you’ll want the Web, in minutes. Its toothed edges are positive and secure.

Versatile Elegance

A Poort doesn’t grab counter space, and is easily kept clean. Superior wireless performance – there is no surrounding metal.  Always charged itself – it can quickly recharge your cellphone from its included 2.1A  dual port  charger. Highly ‘poortable’ and adaptable.

Mobile Use on a Flat Surface

A Poort controller can lay flat with secure traction on its rubber pads over work surfaces. Cast your programs onto TV. iPads are the emerging standard for marine and engineering applications and instruments!  Poorts can be both  fixed appliances yet highly poortable, as you require.

Home and Business Messaging Centers!

Remember when you could phone a place, your home or the shop – and not always a personal cell number?  It’s back – as a fixed cellular 5G Message Terminal including videophone voice calls. The kitchen phone/TV returns as a free service!