The Poort iPad Wall Mount Hub


This clean 9.7″ iPad enclosure creates a portable appliance for Web entertainment, messaging and home automation. The ideal power partner for Apple’s HomePod!!


iPads as Smart Hubs

A Versatile New Form Factor


Poorts transform kitchens into an entertainment area, messaging center, and cooking into a multimedia ballet. A window on the richness of the Web, a Poort is an independent device utilizing a familiar iPad as a versatile kitchen Hub.

A Closer Look

The Assistant That Bypasses 'Assistants'

A robust iPad or Samsung Premium Poort bypasses ecosystem  marketing schemes. Just say “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” and they reply with voice and an on-screen display – this is a real assistant with video!

Sound like Vintage Radio

Poorts resonate like an instrument, to mellow and boost the audio passively. Excellent for voice messaging and video watching, to play your iTunes and personal files. Enjoy content streaming that’s independent of commercial ecosystems.

No Destructive Installs!

Obviously you can’t just cut holes in a kitchen backsplash without major work by professionals, if at all. Instead, hang a Poort from any of its four sides with two narrow screws, wherever you’ll want the Web. Set up a flexible Poort station in minutes.

Versatile Mounting

Drill two narrow holes to place a portable and lightweight Poort anywhere – securely – and they completely hide the cables and outlet by design. Always 100% charged for extended use when carried around the home.

Mobile Use on a Flat Surface

A Poort controller can lay flat with secure traction on all work surfaces. Cast your programs onto TV, Navigate with a Poort/iPad – the recognized standard for marine and engineering applications!

Home and Business Messaging Centers!

Remember when you could phone a place, your home or the shop – not always a personal cell number?  It’s back – as a Poort 9.7″ Message Center, including voice calls!

Poort Features

An Ideal Engineer's Controller

Today’s tablets, housed in a Poort casing, offer fixed controllers for unprecedented wireless administration and automation at a fraction of the cost.

Target Controller Costs Precisely

You may need one controller for simple automation, another for complex network admin. Use the appropriate tablet without intrusive installations.

Choose Your Operating System

The Poort 9.7 allows you to insert any generation of the standard 9.7″ iPad for iOS, and the new Samsung S3 tablet for Android, with premium feature sets.

Apple HomePod Speaker Partner!

iPad Poorts will be the ideal partner for Apple’s HomePod speaker – delivering the visual monitor smart speakers lack – leveraging the wide versatility of all 9.7″ iPads.


The Poort 9.7 fits the powerful Samsung S3 9.7″ tablet, which supports multitasking. Consider how this can blend new functions into home automation networks.

Business Opportunity

Imagine Poorts as message centers or POS devices within your business, using WiFi or cellular instead of commercial phone lines or kiosks. Order them in bulk and become a dealer!


iPad 9.7"

All five 9.7″ generations are supported


Samsung S3 9.7"

Samsung’s most powerful tablet is an advanced phone!


Custom Fitted Tablets

Device manufacturers are invited to commission OEM casings with your specifications.

Apple and Android 9.7″ Tablet Casings

The Poort 9.7 with 4:3 aspect fits the two most powerful tablets, new or used, for any application

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